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Cofeina Studio has over 10 years of experience in providing voice overs for all types of media. We offer voice overs for TV and radio commercials, phone prompts, E-learning projects, corporate productions, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), on-hold messages, auto attendant messages, audio and video narration, podcast audio, computer games, talking books or voice to picture and more.


The Cofeina Studio voice bank gives you easy access to talented voice- over professionals; our voice artists have experience in providing quality voice over recordings for all kinds of audio productions. Choose from different voice styles and genres – the voice over artists included in our voicebank offer a plethora of tones and accents, from all different backgrounds and ethnic groups. Our experience as a voice agency is proven by our list of clients – we have worked for Pepco, Dealz, Lidl, Santander, Plasma System and other leading brands from various industries. If you’re looking for professionals to convey your message in the right way, contact us!

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We offer a wide choice of different voices. In addition to women’s, men’s and children’s voices, our voice bank contains the voices of native speakers from around 40 countries from all over the world. We also provide our clients with professional service and assistance in choosing the right voice. Your success is our success – contact us now and we will do our best to help you choose the correct voice for your project!

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